It’s hard to put into words how delicious crunchies are. They are magical morsels of pure chocolatey goodness that seem to be inexplicably the perfect topping to any Carvel treat. When it comes to crunchies, you can’t go wrong. They’re an amazing addition to anything and everything. In fact, we dare you to try and find something they don’t taste great on. Spoiler alert: it’s impossible. From soft serve to Flying Saucers and Sundae Dashers, do we think every Carvel treat is even better when you add crunchies? Crunch yeah!
Crunch Yeah! wouldn't be complete without its most beloved star, Fudgie The Whale. In the New York area, Fudgie has been a staple at every single Father's Day. Filled with layers of soft serve, packed with delicious crunchies, and followed by an uncountable amount of dad jokes, we decided to take this icon and have a walk down memory lane. Tom Carvel was recognized by his unique raspy voice that made so very matter a fact commercials back in the 80s. So, we redid these spots to look and sound like the old classic but with the more contemporary look of the cake. We worked with a voice actor who practiced for days until getting the exact Tom Carvel sound and we even brought the old phone number as a hotline for ordering cakes and more important be received by a collection of head-shaking dad jokes.
Fudgie the Whale is a timeless Carvel classic and has become synonymous with Father’s Day celebrations. Our fans have vivid memories of the original commercials and slogan “To a Whale of a Dad!” Let’s embrace our past while leveraging the current pop culture trends of “dad jokes” and “dad puns”. We’ll make Fudgie the Whale relevant and cool again and leave our fans saying... “Whale played. Whale played!”

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