We first created a good-old Cinnabon spot. Nothing out of the ordinary, just delicious cinnamon rolls being rolled and baked to perfection, mouth-watering chilattas being poured into chocolate filled cups and just dedicated workers making sure the Cinnabon magic is just as everyone remembers. We then inserted multiple easter-eggs that gave clues about the possible identity of one of these hard-working bakers. We hid Saul behind a visor as he was working the doe, we gave his back to the camera as your eyes are starring inside the oven, we revealed his character name in the manager tag and we even gave clues of the date when it would air by using the expiration date in the cinnamon rolls box.
The internet did what the internet does best and started to theorize. People jumped in social media trying to find all the clues and started a conversation that solidified the Cinnabon and Better Call Saul as brands that belong together. Weeks later we published a new video where the reveal of Gene/Saul was in full display and announcing the season premiere.

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