Campaign launch in social media through a series of videos each week. Videos asked for user submissions in all social media platforms. A tweet, comment or tag was used as an entry in order to select 8 different winners throughout a period of 2 weeks. The campaign was gear to leverage each channel's strength and create organic conversations.
Beyond social media, a mobile site was created to house the main messaging and elements of the Hall of Name campaign. The site presented a CTA and hashtag that tied all the different pieces together as well as to connect all submissions under a single thread. The site kept track on user submission and showcased some of the leaders. Winners were presented through each reveal video were immediately updated in the site.
After winners were selected and the campaign submission process was completed, we purchased specific outdoor media and purchased a billboard in Canton, OH right next to the NFL Football Hall of Fame.
Winners were awarded with our own version of the iconic yellow jacket creating the first 2018 Hall of Name Class.

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